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Common Starfish
O astrub5
Common Name Common Sea Star
Range North-east Atlantic.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Echinodermata
Class Asteroidea
Order Forcipulatida
Family Asteriidae
Genus Asterias
Species A. rubens

The Common starfish, or common sea star, (Asterias rubens), is the most common and familiar Asteroidea|starfish in the north-east Atlantic. It has five arms and usually grows to between 10–30 cm across, although larger specimens (up to 52 cm across) are known. The common starfish is usually orange or brown, and sometimes violet; deep-water specimens are pale. The Common Starfish is to be found on rocky and gravelly substrates. Elephantfish


In some homes, dried and preserved sea stars can be found. The starfish is popular as a souvenir all around the coast of California, Florida, China, Japan and various islands. This animal can be preserved, much like the sea urchin or the Sand Dollar.


Colors can vary greatly. The most common are orange, red, or yellow, though some can be white, blue, purple or green.


Common starfish feed on mussels, crustaceans, worms and echinoderms (starfish or sea urchins).

2013 Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire Disaster[]

In Late March 2013 large numbers were washed up near Cleethorpes Pier along with many razor shells. The cause of this mass death has been attributed to strong winds which had occurred during the month.