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Common Blackbird
Common Blackbird
Adult male
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Family Passeriformes
Genus Turdus
Species T. merula
Conservation Status

This common true thrush is known for its rich, caroling song.


Adult males are glossy black, with a bright golden-yellow beak and, during spring and summer, a yellow ring around their eyes. After breeding season, the beak starts to turn darker. Females are brown with streaky dark mottling on their paler, reddish brown breast. Juveniles look like females, but have pale spots on their upperparts; first-year males are duller black than adult, with duller yellowish bill.


Common blackbirds breed in Europe, North Africa, India and southern China. Populations in the north and east migrate to winter in Egypt and the west and south-east of Asia. These birds were also introduced into Australia and New Zealand during the 1850s. This species lives in very varied habitats, common and widespread in wooded habitats, parks, gardens, farmland with hedges; often feeds in fields and on lawns, if the cover is dense enough for hiding.


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