Short-toed Snake Eagle (Circaetus gallicus)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Accipitriformes
Family Accipitridae

Circaetinae is a subfamily of birds of prey which consists of a group of medium to large broad-winged species. These are mainly birds which specialise in feeding on snakes and other reptiles, which is the reason most are named as "snake-eagles" or "serpent-eagles". The exceptions are the bateleur, a more generalised hunter, and the Philippine eagle, which preys on mammals.

All but one of the subfamily are restricted to warmer parts of the Old World: Spilornis and Pithecophaga in south Asia, the others in Africa. The short-toed snake eagle (Circeatus gallicus) migrates between temperate Eurasia and Africa, as well as being resident in India.

They have hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs and powerful talons. They also have extremely keen eyesight to enable them to spot potential prey from a distance.


Genus: Circaetus
Beaudouin's Snake Eagle (Verreaux & Des Murs, 1862) (Circaetus beaudouini)
Western Banded Snake Eagle (von Müller, 1851) (Circaetus cinerascens)
Brown Snake Eagle (Vieillot, 1818) (Circaetus cinereus)
Southern Banded Snake Eagle (Kaup, 1850) (Circaetus fasciolatus)
Short-toed Snake Eagle (Gmelin, 1788) (Circaetus gallicus)
Black-chested Snake Eagle (A. Smith, 1829) (Circaetus pectoralis)
Genus: Dryotriorchis
 Congo Serpent Eagle (Schlegel, 1863) (Dryotriorchis spectabilis)
Genus: Spilornis
 Crested Serpent Eagle (Latham, 1790) Spilornis cheela
  Central Nicobar serpent eagle, Spilornis (cheela) minimus
  Simeulie serpent eagle, Spilornis (cheela) abbottii
  Nias serpent eagle, Spilornis (cheela) asturinus
  Mentawai serpent eagle, Spilornis (cheela) sipora
  Natuna serpent eagle, Spilornis (cheela) natunensis
  Bawean serpent eagle, Spilornis (cheela) baweanus
  Ryukyu serpent eagle, Spilornis (cheela) perplexus
 Andaman Serpent Eagle (Blyth, 1863) (Spilornis elgini)
 Philippine Serpent Eagle (Vigors, 1831) (Spilornis holospilus)
 Mountain Serpent Eagle (Sclater, 1919) (Spilornis kinabaluensis)
 Great Nicobar Serpent Eagle (Richmond, 1902) (Spilornis klossi)
 Sulawesi Serpent Eagle (Gould, 1858) (Spilornis rufipectus)
Genus: Eutriorchis
 Madagascan Serpent Eagle (Sharpe, 1875) (Eutriorchis astur)
Genus Terathopius
 Bateleur (Daudin, 1800) (Terathopius ecaudatus)
Genus: Pithecophaga
 Philippine Eagle (Ogilvie-Grant, 1897) (Pithecophaga jefferyi)
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