Choresine is a genus of beetles that belong to the Melyridae family. This genus of beetle is known to have high levels of batrachotoxins and is believed to be one of the main toxin sources for Pitohui birds and Phyllobates frogs in the South America. 


  • Choresine advena Pascoe, 1860
  • Choresine buruensis Champion, 1923
  • Choresine magnioculata Wittmer, 1973
  • Choresine moluccana Champion, 1923
  • Choresine neogressittiana Wittmer, 1973
  • Choresine nigroviolacea Champion, 1923
  • Choresine pulchra (Pic, 1917)
  • Choresine reductorugata Wittmer, 1973
  • Choresine rufiventris Wittmer, 1973
  • Choresine rugiceps Wittmer, 1973
  • Choresine semiopaca Wittmer, 1973
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