Choerophryne rostellifer 017 YapenIs-Papua 1991-11 DP191012-L
Choerophryne rostellifer
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Amphibia
Order Anura
Family Microhylidae
Genus Choerophryne

Choerophryne is a genus of microhylids endemic to New Guinea. These frogs are small, with the body length measured from snout to vent between 11–23 mm.

The distinction between Choerophryne and closely related genus Albericus is based solely on the orientation of the alary processes of the premaxillae, giving the former its distinctive snout. In 2013 a new Choerophryne species was described with an orientation intermediate between the two genera, suggesting Albericus is likely a junior synonym of Choerophryne.


Choerophryne allisoni (Richards & Burton, 2003)
Choerophryne amomani (Günther, 2008) (Amoman Choerophryne)
Choerophryne arndtorum (Günther, 2008) (Arndt's Choerophryne)
Choerophryne burtoni (Richards, Dahl, & Hiaso, 2007)
Choerophryne longirostris (Kraus & Allison, 2001)
Choerophryne microps (Günther, 2008) (Small-eyed Choerophryne)
Choerophryne nigrescens (Günther, 2008) (Blackish Choerophryne)
Choerophryne proboscidea (Kampen, 1914)
Choerophryne rostellifer (Wandolleck, 1911) (Torricelli Mountain Frog)
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