Collared Titi (Cheracebus torquatus)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Primates
Family Pitheciidae
Genus Cheracebus

Cheracebus is a genus of titis.

Historically, titis were monogeneric, comprising only the genus Callicebus. Owing to the great diversity found across titi monkey species, a new genus-level taxonomy was recently proposed that recognises three genera within the subfamily Callicebinae for the species of the torquatus group (Widow titis); Plecturocebus for the Amazonian and Chaco titis of the moloch and donacophilus groups; and Callicebus, for species of the Atlantic Forest personatus group.


Lucifer Titi (Thomas, 1914) (Cheracebus lucifer)
Black Titi (Humboldt, 1811) (Cheracebus lugens)
Colombian Black-handed Titi (Hershkovitz, 1963) (Cheracebus medemi)
Rio Purus Titi (Thomas, 1927) (Cheracebus purinus)
Red-headed Titi (Thomas, 1927) (Cheracebus regulus)
Collared Titi (Hoffmannsegg, 1807) (Cheracebus torquatus)
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