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Celsiella revocata
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Amphibia
Order Anura
Family Centrolenidae
Genus Celsiella

Celsiella is a family of glass frogs endemic to Venezuela. It was established in 2009 and named in honour of Josefa Celsa Señaris, nicknamed "Celsi", a herpetologist who had worked with glass frogs. Monophyly of Celsiella is strongly supported by genetic data.


It is also morphologically clearly distinct from Hyalinobatrachium, its sister taxon (e.g., Hyalinobatrachium have completely transparent venter, white liver, and white bones). It was erected in 2009; its species composition has not changed afterwards.


Ventral parietal peritoneum is white anteriorly and transparent posteriorly. Bones are pale green or green.

Male Celsiella call from, and females deposit their eggs on, underside or upper side of leaves. Tentative evidence suggests that males guard their eggs.


There are two species in this genera:

Celsiella revocata (Rivero, 1985) (El Tovar Glass Frog)
Celsiella vozmedianoi (Ayarzagüena & Señaris, 1997)


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