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Neophema is a genus of Australian parrots. They are small, basically dull green parrots differentiated by patches of other colors, and are commonly known as grass parrots. The genus has some sexual dichromatism, with males having brighter hues.

Depending on the author, Neopsephotus bourkii (Bourke's parrot) may also be considered a member of this genus.

Sometimes the broad-tailed parrots are considered a subfamily. In this case, Neophema and Bourke's parrot are united in the tribe Neophemini. mtDNA sequence data (Miyaki et al. 1998) suggests that the former may be correct, but the latter almost certainly isn't. Rather, it appears, the group would need to include more closely related forms, such as the budgerigar and the Pezoporus ground-parrots. However, while Joseph et al. (2011) also found Neophema to be related both Bourke's parrot and ground-parrots and form part of the tribe Pezoporini, they're not related to the budgerigar.

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