Litoria or Australasian treefrogs, is a genus of tree frogs native to Australia, the Bismarck Archipelago, the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, the wikipedia:Lesser Sunda Islands\Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccan Islands, and Timor. They are distinguishable from other tree frogs by the presence of horizontal irises, no pigmentation of the eyelids, and their Wallacean distribution. There are (as of mid-2008) almost 150 species, but as several new species are described every year on average; by 2010, the number of known species is likely to exceed 150.

The species within the genus Litoria are extremely variable in appearance, behaviour, and habitat. The smallest species within the genus is the javelin frog (Litoria microbelos), reaching a maximum length of 1.6 cm, while the largest, the giant tree frog (Litoria infrafrenata), reaches a size of 13.5-14 cm. The appearance, behaviour, and habitat of each frog is usually linked. The small, darkly coloured frogs are generally terrestrial, and will never, or infrequently, climb. The larger, green species are usually arboreal and some will only venture to the ground to breed.

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