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Capito niger Wayabo AB-2ff
Black-spotted Barbet (Capito niger)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Piciformes
Family Capitonidae
Genus Capito

Capito is a genus of American barbets in the Capitonidae family. They are found in humid forests in South America, with a single species extending into eastern Panama. Slightly larger than the members of the genus Eubucco, members of the genus Capito are all sexually dimorphic and thickset, and have stubby pale bills that often are tipped black. With the exception of the somewhat aberrant scarlet-crowned barbet, black, red, orange, yellow and white are the dominating colors in their plumage, and males have at least partially black backs. Typically seen singly or in pairs, they are primarily frugivorous, but also take arthropods.


Gilded Barbet (Dumont, 1816) (Capito auratus)
Scarlet-crowned Barbet (Cuvier, 1829) (Capito aurovirens)
Brown-chested Barbet (Chapman, 1921) (Capito brunneipectus)
Black-girdled Barbet (Cherrie, 1916) (Capito dayi)
White-mantled Barbet (Salvin, 1897) (Capito hypoleucus)
Spot-crowned Barbet (Lawrence, 1861) (Capito maculicoronatus)
Black-spotted Barbet (Statius Müller, 1776) (Capito niger)
Five-coloured Barbet (Elliot, 1865) (Capito quinticolor)
Orange-fronted Barbet (Salvin, 1876) (Capito squamatus)
Scarlet-banded Barbet (O'Neill et al., 2000) (Capito wallacei)
 Sira Barbet (Seeholzer et al., 2012) (Capito wallacei fitzpatricki)