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Bactrian Camel
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Camelidae

Camelidae is a family from the Artiodactyla order.


Camelids are large animals with slender necks and long legs, and are strictly herbivorous. Camelids differ from true ruminants in a number of ways. Their dentition shows traces of vesitigial central incisors in the upper jaw, and the third incisors are developed into canine-like tusks. Camelids also have true canine teeth and tusk-like premolars which are separated from the molars by a gap. The musculature of the hind limbs differs from those of other ungulates by the fact that the legs are attached to the body at the top of the thigh only, rather than attached by skin and muscle from the knee downwards.


Subfamily Camelinae

Tribe Lamini
 Genus Lama
  Llama, Lama glama
  Guanaco, Lama guanicoe
 Genus Vicugna
  Vicuña, Vicugna vicugna
  Alpaca, Vicugna pacos
Tribe Camelini
 Genus Camelus
  Dromedary camel, Camelus dromedarius
  Bactrian Camel, Camelus bactrianus
  †Camelus sivalensis
 Genus †Camelops
  †Camelops hesternus
  †C. minidokae
  †C. sulcatus
  †C. huerfanensis
  †C. kansanus
  †C. traviswhitei
 Genus †Paracamelus
  †Paracamelus gigas
  †P. agguirrei
  †P. alexejevi 
  †P. khersonensis
†Subfamily Poebrodontinae
†Subfamily Poebrotheriinae
†Subfamily Miolabinae
†Subfamily Stenomylinae
†Subfamily Floridatragulinae