The California Gull is a medium-sized gull, smaller on average than the Herring Gull but larger on average than the Ring-Billed Gull, though it may overlap in size greatly with both.


The California Gull is similar in appearance to the Herring Gull but it has a smaller yellow bill with a black ring, yellow legs, brown eyes and a more rounded head. The body is mainly white with a slightly darker gray back and upper wings.

Distribution and habitat

The California Gull's breeding habitat is lakes and marshes in interior western North America from Northwest Territories, Canada south to eastern California and Colorado.

It is migratory, most moving to the Pacific coast in winter. It is only then that this bird is regularly found in western California.

Fun Facts

This is the state bird of Utah, remembered for assisting Mormon settlers in dealing with a plague of Mormon crickets. A monument in Salt Lake City commemorates this event, known as the "Miracle of the Gulls".

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