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Calamian Treeshrew
Tree Shrew
Range islands of Busuanga and Culion, which are part of the Calamian Islands group in the Philippines.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Scandentia
Family Tupaiidae
Genus Tupaia
Species Tupaia möllendorffi
Conservation Status
Data Deficient

The Calamian Treeshrew (Tupaia möllendorffi), is a species of treeshrew found in the islands of Calamian Islands group in the Philippines.

The German zoologist Paul Matschie first described a Calamian treeshrew from Culion that was part of a zoological collection obtained by the Berlin Zoological Museum. He considered it a distinct species as this type specimen differed from the Palawan treeshrew by a slightly shorter muzzle, and a lighter color of the toes, hair of the tail and chest.


Calamian Tree Shrews, known for their slender build and long tail, possess advanced hearing, smell, and vision senses.


Calamian Tree Shrews are a shrew species that is native to the Philippines' Calamian Islands.


Calamian tree shrews eat a range of insects, small animals, fruits, and seeds.


After a 50-day pregnancy, a litter of three or four young is born. The young are born blind and hairless, however they can leave the nest after a month.

Tree shrews mature at roughly 4 months old and breed all year with no definite breeding season.