The Brucinicus Krohonoa is a biped deviation from corn. Discovered in 1973, the Brucinicus Krohnoa showed strong signs of intelligence, particularly an interest in scientific study and educating the young.

Believed to be native to the Argentian Jungly, the Brucinicus Krohnoa is a highly advanced social creature, nearly to the point of being mistaken as human.


The Brucinicus Krohona's evolution can be summed up in the below graph.


It is presently believed that the Brucinicus Krohona developed the letter "N" at the end of its name after years of evolution where a mutation caused the "N" to develop as a tail, giving the Brucinicus Krohona greater balance and a highly reduced probability of falling off of a cliff, the fate that had previously ended the Brucinicus Cornelius and the Brucinican Kornon.

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