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Water Buffalo
A Water Buffalo
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae

The Bovini tribe is made up of large to very large grazers, including large animals of great economic significance to humans in Domestic Cattle, Domestic Buffalo, and the Yak, as well as smaller Asian relatives, and large free-roaming bovids in the African Buffalo and the American Bison.


The closest relations to this tribe are the Boselaphini and Strepsicerotini tribes. The common ancestor of all the Bovini species appears to have lived about 5–8 million years ago. The first clade to diverge was the buffalo clade (Bubalus and Syncerus species). This was followed by the Banteng/Gaur/mithan clade and the domestic cattle clade. A fourth clade leading to the Bison and Yak species may also exist.


Tribe Bovini

Genus Bubalus
 Water Buffalo, Bubalus bubalis
  Carabao, Bubalus bubalis carabanesis
  Water Buffalo, Bubalus bubalis bubalis
 Wild Asian Water Buffalo, Bubalus arnee
 †Short-horned Water Buffalo , Bubalus mephistopheles 
 †Cebu Tamaraw, Bubalus cebuensis 
 Tamaraw, Bubalus mindorensis
 †European Water Buffalo, Bubalus murrensis 
 Lowland Anoa, Bubalus depressicornis
 Mountain Anoa, Bubalus quarlesi
Genus BosAurochs, Bos primigenius
 Banteng, Bos javanicus
 Gaur, Bos gaurus
 Gayal, Bos frontalis 
 Yak, Bos mutus
 Domestic Cattle, Bos taurus 
 Zebu, Bos indicus
 Kouprey, Bos sauveli
Genus Pseudoryx
 Saola, Pseudoryx nghetinhensis
Genus Syncerus
 African Buffalo, Syncerus caffer
Genus Bison
 American Bison, Bison bison
 European bison, Bison bonasus
 †Steppe Wisent, Bison priscus 
Genus Pelorovis