66 Ayla

Ayla is a 17-year-old female California Sea lion that lives at Oceans of Fun at Milwaukee County Zoo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Born to Makaia in the summer of 2000, she is affectionate and delightful. Ayla began her formal training at one year of age after weaning from her mother onto a diet of fish. She has a lot of energy and is always ready to learn new behaviors in her training sessions. At 7 years of age, playfulness and being mischievous are a constant past time. Our staff can often be spotted laughing as we watch her silly play of leaping, rolling and engaging in chase games under water with her friends. Ayla especially enjoys playing with water hoses that her trainers spray into the water...she rolls in the stream and enjoys the feeling of the spray along her body and flippers (much like we would with a whirlpool jet). It is not uncommon for Ayla to steal the show and entertain the audience with her adorable antics! 

Sex Date of Birth Place of Birth
Female June 20, 2000 Oceans of Fun
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