Thomson's gazelle
A Thomson's Gazelle
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae

The Antilopinae are a subfamily of Bovidae. The gazelles, Blackbucks, Springboks, Gerenuks, Dibatags, and central Asian gazelles are often referred to as "true antelopes", and are usually classified as the only representatives of the Antilopinae. True antelopes occur in much of Africa and Asia, with the highest concentration of species occurring in East Africa in Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, and Tanzania. The Saiga Antelopes and Tibetan Antelopes are related to true antelopes (Antilopinae) and goats (Caprinae), but often placed in their own subfamily, Saiginae. These animals inhabit much of central and western Asia. The dwarf antelopes are sometimes placed in a separate subfamily, Neotraginae, and live entirely in sub-Saharan Africa.

Several features unite the species within this group, notably the skull structure, dentition (closely resembling fossils from 12 million years ago), and presence of solid horn cores. The preorbital glands are well developed in most species: they are composed of a spherical mass of glandular tissue located in front of each eye. These glands secrete a sticky black substance which is carried by a central duct to a circular patch of bare skin. The opening of this duct is covered by a purse-like fold of skin which can be opened wide during the deposition of secretions.


Subfamily Antilopinae

Tribe Antilopini
 Genus Ammodorcas
   Dibatag, Ammodorcas clarkei
 Genus Antidorcas
  Springbok, Antidorcas marsupialis
 Genus Antilope
  Blackbuck, Antilope cervicapra
 Genus Eudorcas
  Mongalla Gazelle, Eudorcas albonotata
  Red Gazelle, Eudorcas rufina †
  Red-fronted Gazelle, Eudorcas rufrifrons
  Thomson's Gazelle, Eudorcas thomsoni
  Heuglin's Gazelle, Eudorcas tilonura
 Genus Gazella
  Subgenus Deprezia
   Gazella psolea †
  Subgenus Gazella
   Arabian Gazelle, Gazella arabica †
   Indian Gazelle, Gazella benettii
   Queen of Sheba's Gazelle, Gazella bilkis †
   Dorcas Gazelle, Gazella dorcas
   Mountain Gazelle, Gazella gazella
   Saudi Gazelle, Gazella saudiya †
   Speke's Gazelle, Gazella spekei
   Japanese Gazelle, Gazella praegaudryi † 
  Subgenus Trachelocele
   Cuvier's Gazelle, Gazella cuvieri
   Rhim Gazelle, Gazella leptoceros
   Goitered Gazelle, Gazella subgutturosa
 Genus Litocranius
  Gerenuk, Litocranius walleri
 Genus Nanger
  Dama Gazelle, Nanger dama
  Grant's Gazelle, Nanger granti
  Soemmerring's Gazelle, Nanger soemmerringii
 Genus Procapra
  Zeren, Procapra gutturosa
  Goa, Procapra picticaudata
  Przewalski's Gazelle, Procapra przewalskii
Tribe Saigini
 Genus Saiga
  Saiga, Saiga tatarica
Tribe Neotragini
 Genus Dorcatragus
  Beira, Dorcatragus megalotis
 Genus Madoqua
  Günther's Dik-Dik, Madoqua guntheri
  Kirk's Dik-Dik, Madoqua kirkii
  Silver Dik-Dik, Madoqua piacentinii
  Salt's Dik-Dik, Madoqua saltiana
 Genus Neotragus
  Bates's Pygmy Antelope, Neotragus batesi
  Suni, Neotragus moschatus
  Royal Antelope, Neotragus pygmaeus
 Genus Oreotragus
  Klipspringer, Oreotragus oreotragus
 Genus Ourebia
  Oribi, Ourebia ourebi
 Genus Raphicerus
  Steenbok, Raphicerus campestris
  Cape Grysbok, Raphicerus melanotis
  Sharpe's Grysbok, Raphicerus sharpei
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