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There are many holidays and observances honoring the presence of animals.

Animal Holidays


January is Adopt a Rescued Bird Month. From January 19 to 20, it is Bald Eagle Appreciation Days. From January 22 to 25, it is International Hoof Care Week. Holidays in this month include National Bird Day (on the fifth), Save the Eagles Day (on the tenth), Eagles Day (on the twelfth), National Dress Up Your Pet Day (on the fourteenth), Rattle Snake Round-up (on the twenty-eighth), Squirrel Appreciation Day (on the twenty-first), National Penguin Awareness Day (on the nineteenth), Seeing Eye Guide Dog Birthday 1929 (on the twenty-nineth), National Answer Your Cat's Question Day (on the twenty-second), and International Zebra Day on the thirty-first.


February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, International Hoof Care Month, National Bird Feeding Month, National Wild Bird-Feeding Month, Responsible Animal Guardian Month, National Cat Health Month, and Pet Dental Health Month. Weeks in February set aside for animals are the Great Backyard Bird Count from February 15 to 18, Homes for Birds Week on Second Week of February, National Invasive Species Awareness Week from February 25 to March 1, National Justice for Animals Week from February 24 to March 23, National Nestbox Week from February 14 to 21, Whooping Crane Festival from February 21 to 24, and National Wildlife Week on the third week of February.

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