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Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Accipitriformes
Family Accipitridae

Accipitridae is a family of small to large birds of prey with strongly hooked bills and variable morphology based on diet. They feed on a range of prey items from insects to medium-sized mammals, with a number feeding on carrion and a few feeding on fruit. The Accipitridae have a cosmopolitan distribution, being found on all the world's continents (except Antarctica) and a number of oceanic island groups. Some species are migratory.

Many well-known birds, such as hawks, eagles, kites, harriers and Old World vultures are included in this group. The osprey is usually placed in a separate family (Pandionidae), as is the secretary bird (Sagittariidae), and the New World vultures are also usually now regarded as a separate family or order. Karyotype data indicate the accipitrids analysed are indeed a distinct monophyletic group, but whether this group should be considered a family or one or several order(s) on their own is a question still to be resolved.



Diet and Behavior

Reproductive Biology and Populations


Subfamily: Elaninae (elanid kites)
 Genus: Elanus (4 species)
 Genus: Gampsonyx (Monotype)
 Genus: Chelictinia (Monotype)
 Genus: Macheiramphus (Monotype) (was doubtfully placed, moved from Perninae)
Subfamily: Perninae (honey buzzards)
 Genus: Aviceda (5 species)
 Genus: Henicopernis (2 species)
 Genus: Pernis (3 species)
 Genus: Leptodon (2 species)
 Genus: Chondrohierax (2 species)
Subfamily: Aegypiinae (Old World vultures)
 Genus: Sarcogyps (Monotype)
 Genus: Aegypius (Monotype)
 Genus: Torgos (Monotype)
 Genus: Trigonoceps (Monotype)
 Genus: Gyps (8 species)
 Genus: Necrosyrtes (Monotype)
Subfamily: Gypaetinae
 Genus: Neophron (Monotype)
 Genus: Gypohierax (Monotype)
 Genus: Gypaetus (Monotype)
 Genus: Eutriorchis (Monotype)
Subfamily: Buteoninae (buteonine hawks, true eagles and sea-eagles)
 Genus: Geranoaetus (Monotype)
 Genus: Buteo (30 species) (probably paraphyletic, might include Leucopternis in part and Parabuteo)
 Genus: Parabuteo (2 species)
 Genus: Buteogallus (9 species)
 Genus: Busarellus (Monotype)
 Genus: Cryptoleucopteryx (Monotype)
 Genus: Pseudastur (3 species)
 Genus: Morphnarchus (Monotype)
 Genus: Leucopternis (3 species) (probably polyphyletic)
 Genus: Kaupifalco (Monotype)
 Genus: Butastur (4 species)
 Genus: Morphnus (Monotype)
 Genus: Harpia (Monotype)
 Genus: Pithecophaga (Monotype)
 Genus: Harpyopsis (Monotype)
 Genus: Spizaetus (4 species)
 Genus: Nisaetus (9 species)
 Genus: Lophaetus (Monotype) (possibly junior synonym of Ictinaetus)
 Genus: Stephanoaetus (2 species)
 Genus: Polemaetus (Monotype)
 Genus: "Hieraaetus" (hawk-eagles) (3 species) (Genus name unavailable or belongs in Aquila)
 Genus: Lophotriorchis (Monotype)
 Genus: Aquila (true eagles) (9 species)
 Genus: Clanga (spotted eagles) (3 species)
 Genus: Ictinaetus (Monotype)
 Genus: Haliaeetus (sea eagles and brown fish eagles) (8 species)
 Genus: Ichthyophaga (2 species)
 Genus: Harpagornis (might belong into Aquila)
Subfamily: Circinae (harriers)
 Genus: Circus (17 species)
 Genus: Polyboroides (2 species)
 Genus: Geranospiza (Monotype)
Subfamily: Milvinae (milvine kites)
 Genus: Haliastur (2 species)
 Genus: Milvus (4 species)
 Genus: Harpagus (2 species)
 Genus: Ictinia (2 species)
 Genus: Rostrhamus (Monotype)
 Genus: Helicolestes (Monotype) (formerly in Rostrhamus)
 Genus: Lophoictinia (Monotype)
 Genus: Hamirostra (Monotype)
Subfamily: Accipitrinae (goshawks, sparrowhawks, and relatives)
 Genus: Accipiter (50 species)
 Genus: Melierax (3 species)
 Genus: Urotriorchis (Monotype)
 Genus: Erythrotriorchis (2 species)
 Genus: Megatriorchis (Monotype)
Subfamily: Circaetinae (snake eagles)
 Genus: Circaetus (6 species)
 Genus: Dryotriorchis (Monotype)
 Genus: Spilornis (6 species)
 Genus: Eutriorchis (Monotype)
 Genus: Terathopius (Monotype)
 Genus: Pithecophaga (Monotype)