Abrictosaurus dinosaur
Range Southern Africa
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Dinosauria
Order Ornithischia
Family Heterodontosauridae
Genus Abrictosaurus
Species Abrictosaurus consors
Conservation Status
Abrictosaurus was a genus of dinosaur from the Early Jurassic period. This dinosaur's existence is known from two fossils found in South Africa and Lesotho.


Abrictosaurus was a small bipedal dinosaur that is thought to have been either herbivore or omnivore. It was approximately four feet long and weighed less that 100 pounds. Abrictosaurus had no teeth in the front of their jaws, instead they had a hard beak that was used to crop vegetation.

Sexual Dimorphism

It is hypothesized that Abricto's exhibited traits of sexual dimorphism. Of the two discovered fossils of Abrictosaurus, one shows evidence of having tusks, while the other does not. The lack of tusks in one fossil lead scientists to believe that it was a female Abrictosaurus, while the fossil with evidence of tusks was a male. However, the Abrictosaurus fossil that is thought to be female may have just been a juvenile based on the shortness of its face and its unfused hip vertebrae.

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