Range South Africa
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Dinosauria
Order Sauropodomorpha
Family Anchisauria
Genus Aardonyx
Species Aardonyx celestae
Conservation Status
Aardonyx was a genus of prosauropod dinosaur.


This genus of dinosaur is known from disarticulated bones that belonged to two juvenile individuals.

Aardonyx is an important discovery due to the fact that it provides a link between the early Jurassic herbivores which walked bipedally and the late Jurassic herbivores which walked quadrupedally. Aardonyx is thought to have been able to walk on all fours when it wanted to, but walked upright most of the time. Evidence of this is shown in the structure of the hind limbs and pelvic girdle.

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