We Are


Original Air Date October 30, 2011
Japanese Viewers (Millions) 18.02
Rank (Week) 3
Production Code 1330

After 13 years and 358 episodes the curtain closes and the first part of One Piece is finished. It's been an up and down ride; with some story arcs being terrific and some being terrifying. Season 13 answered many questions so far and presented us some of the series' best episodes. The thirteenth season finale is a great episode full of emotional moments and it offers some great closure.
Last episode left us with Ruffy's decision concerning his training during the next two years, and in this episode, we are confronted with it. The hat is layed to rest on a stone, and Ruffy shares a farewell to the old days. The song "We Are" plays to the final scenes of this episode, which works out great and very nostalgic.
On the other hand, this episode does not do anything new or groundbreaking. The animations are solid, but they could have been better. And if you look back on the episode, you will notice that not much did happen. Nontheless, this episode is a great emotional goodbye.
I am really excited about season 14, the timeskip seems very promising. The anime clock is going to be set back to hour zero!

See you all next march, folks!

Important Incidents:
- Ruffy and Jinbei share a farewell
- Ruffy and Rayleigh enter Rusukaina
- Ruffy begins his Training and promises to become stronger