The Time to make a Decision


Original Air Date October 23, 2011
Japanese Viewers (Millions) 13.9
Rank (Week) 9
Production Code 1329

The Flashback is eventually over, and finally we get some answers about what is happening in the present. Ruffy is having a conversation with Rayleigh which may have great effects on the rest of the series.
Last episode left us with Ruffy starting his pirate adventure after his brothers both departed in different ways. This episode, we have to face the consequences of the war (as you may recall, the aftermath was put on hold). Unfortunately, the episode feels a little bit stuffed and stressed, as if there would be too much story to be told, facing the fact that only two episodes are left for the thirteenth season.
Nevertheless, the episode is really interesting, mostly because of the announced timeskip. I hope Eiichiro Oda and the producers of the Anime will work their hearts out on season 14, which I think will be a great possibility for those guys (but only if they do it right).
With one more episode left, the 357th episode ends with Ruffy's decision to postpone his adventure by two years in order to become stronger. I want to see what they will do with the final episode of this season. I want a nostalgic music video! I really, really want one!

Important Incidents:

- Rayleigh discusses Ruffy's future plans
- The Mugiwara Pirates all understand the message in the newspaper
- Ruffy decides to train for two years