Episode no. Season 8
Episode 7
Directed by David Nutter
Written by Miles Millar
Original air date September 21, 2016
Running time 58 minutes
Previous "Last Steps Walking"
Next -
Guest actors
Cynthia Sophiea as Amber
Chloe Grace Moretz as Amanda / Monster Girl
Jeff Shuter as William

"Ned" is the series finale of the American television superhero action series Invincible. It is the seventh episode of season eight and the 99th overall episode of the series. Directed and written by showrunners David Nutter and Miles Millar, it aired on AMC in the United States and Canada on September 21, 2015.

The plot finds Invincible dealing with the consequences of his inevitable power loss as he has to face Dinosaurus alone after the death of countless other superheroes.


Invincible awakens in the Grove after his loss against one of Dinosaurus' henchmen. He gets patched up by Samantha who tells him not to leave as he is powerless against Dinosaurus. Invincible tells her that it is his responsibility as Dinosaurus is a direct Result of his Actions. Fully aware of the fact that he is probably not going to survive the battle with Dinosaurus, he asks her to take him home so he can have a last chat with his mother and brother.

Elsewhere, Dinosaurus faces the remaining superheroes of the Guardians of the Globe. Despite their desperate actions, they are powerless to fight him and most of them are killed or left to die. Robot is able to flee and meets Allen, who has succeeded in producing a cure for Invincible's Illness.

Invincible arrives at home and has a final farewell with his mother and Oliver. He tells them that he is grateful for everything they have done for him. Oliver, who is powerless after the loss of three limbs, tells his brother that he has never been more of a superhero than right now. Invincible leaves with Samantha, who takes him to Dinosaurus. He reveals to his girlfriend that the only remaining power he has is his super strength, and he is willing to give his life for one final blow in order to stop Dinosaurus from destroying the whole planet. As the two of them arrive in Las Vegas, where Dinosaurus is rampaging, Invincible knocks out Samantha and tells her that he has to take the final steps of his life on his own. He then kisses her lips and tells the unconcious Eve that he never loved anyone more than her. Eventually, he leaves and heads into the direction of Dinosaurus.

Robot and Allen make haste to Las Vegas, while Robot is told by Cecil that Invincible has arrived on the scene. They are attacked by several of Dinosaurus' henchmen. Allen tells Robot to go on without him in order to bring the cure to Invincible and prepares to fight. As Robot flees, Allen is overwhelmed by the force of hundreds of henchmen and killed.

Invincible finally faces Dinosaurus. He tells him that he has to stop as the only possible outcome of this fight means the death of both of them. Dinosaurus is not willing to listen and attacks Invincible, ripping out one of his arms. Heavily bleeding, Invincible continues to try to talk some sense into Dinosaurus. Begging him to stop, he admits to Dinosaurus that he is deeply afraid of Death and would prefer to go on living as there is too much to live for. He tells Dinosaurus that even he has too much to live for, but the Villain does not listen and tries to attack Invincible. Weakened from the first attack, Invincible still manages to dodge the attack. He then accepts his final fate and gets ready to attack Dinosaurus. 

Thousands of people are watching the broadcast. Amber is seen crying as she realizes Mark is about to die, Darkwing is watching from the hospital and William is seen sitting in a destroyed subway watching the broadcast on a small portable device. 

Robot arrives in Las Vegas and hurries to Invincible, who gets ready for a final blow. Invincible strikes Dinosaurus with all his might, piercing his Stomach and killing him. As his body has lost it's invulnerability, the entire body is smashed as a result of his attack. Robot finally arrives at the battle scene, but it is too late. Invinicble succumbs to his wounds and dies, not without smiling one last time after realizing he's won. Moments later, Samantha appears and falls on her knees, realizing her boyfriend is dead. Robot calls Cecil and a helicopter evacuates him, Samantha, and the dead Invincible. 

Four years later, new Guardians of the Globe have formed and are able to protect the world from evil. Oliver is their leader and fights with protestic arms and legs. The last scene of the series shows Samantha in front of the Graves of Mark Grayson and Nolan Grayson as she places flowers in front of them. Fink's "Yesterday Was Hard On Us" is heard as a montage shows the lifes of the most significant people Invincible has met during his life and the screen fades to black.



"Ned" was the highest rated episode of the final season, as well as the most-watched episode since the fifth episode of season seven. It was watched by 8.69 million viewers in the United States, including 4.5 million adults aged 18-49. The popularity of the episode resulted in a 600 percent increase of sales of Fink's "Yesterday Was Hard On Us". 

Critical Reception

The episode received cirtical acclaim, even though reviews were not as enthusiastic as for the episodes "abql" through "Last Steps Walking". The episode received an A Grade on the A.V. Club, which described it as "one last great moment for the character Invincible", even though they argued that the episode did not meet up to the exceptions set up by the previous three episodes, which suggested a silent, emotional finale. IGN gave the episode a 9.1/10, saying that "it was a great goodbye for the series", and that "Invincible got his final, redeeming moment", while criticising that after the previous episodes, the "tone of the series shifted back and it resembled the old seasons", eventually adding that "the fight was unnecessary", as it resulted in a "pretty standard conclusion" to the Dinosaurus problem.

Title reference

The episode title, "Ned", was altered, as the original title was "Need". It represented the need of Mark to take down Dinosaurus as his final action. The title was changed to "Ned", as it is an anagram for "End". It also resembles "Neda", the name of Dinosaurus' dead daughter, whose murder caused him to become the villain Invincible had to fight in the final Season.